Organic Group

Organic Group

Organic Group LLC is a relatively young company founded by experienced professionals who share expertise long history of success on the markets of of biochemistry, veterinary, agriculture, agronomics, breeding and crop farming.

Bringing together our many years' experience and efforts, we want to develop mineral & organic market for the sake of future generations. We try to cultivate environmental awareness in the youth and get them on quest for preservation of Russian nature.

Shift the long-term customers' focus from harmful, sometimes even dangerous, products to ecologically friendly, healthy and environmentally beneficial ones.

Bring to market green, innovative products that are delightful to use, are free from health hazards and do not damage the environment.

Who worked on the project

Igor Bochkarev
The citizen of the World. Antique goods collector. Loves adrenaline sports. Enjoys good wines from the New World.

Tatyana Frolova
Aspired to manage the chaos and systemize it. Loves studying and reading too much. Swan collector from all over the World. Travelling a lot. Blogger. Mandalas painter.

What has been done

B2B and B2C company creation
Creation of the legend, brand, and story from the scratch
Transformation of the idea into the product
Product presentation to the B2B and B2C markets
Distribution chain creation and development
Creation of the production, stock and logistics parts of the company
Team building
Product promotion strategy creation on B2B and B2C markets