Team Russia

Team Russia

It is important to define the main aim of the Russian Olympic Committee’s development for the period until 2020 based on the understanding of its mission.

We can provide better conditions for physical preparation of the athletes only if we join the efforts and meet the minds of Sports Federations, athletes and coaches, government bodies at the federal and regional levels. The Russian Olympic Committee can and, moreover, should take charge of establishing connections between the members of the high performance sports control system in the Russian Federation on the basis of the possibilities which are available nowadays and will be created for the Sports Federations, sporting institutes, athletes and coaches in the nearest future.

Russian Olympic Committee’s main aim for the period until 2020 is rallying of the Russian Olympic movement members and creation of the steady and comfortable environment for the development of the athletes who are able and willing to achieve best results at the Olympic Games being a part of Russian National Olympic Team.

The achievement of this aim will allow us to gain invariably high results in sports, successfully train young athletes, provide good conditions and grant guarantees to the athletes and coaches who have finished their careers in high performance sports.

Who worked on the project

Igor Bochkarev
The citizen of the World. Antique goods collector. Loves adrenaline sports. Enjoys good wines from the New World.

Tatyana Frolova
Aspired to manage the chaos and systemize it. Loves studying and reading too much. Swan collector from all over the World. Travelling a lot. Blogger. Mandalas painter.

What has been done

Creation of the licensing and retail programs strategies for the Russian Olympic Committee
Participation in the executive committee on the brand creation, identity and communication platform for the Team Russia brand
Production of the outfit kit for the Russian Olympic Committee personnel for the First European Games in Baku
Creation and production of the range of products and retail shops opening during Russian Olympic Day
Implementation of the licensing program
Participation in the themed exhibitions, seminars and summits